• Bryon Harris

Bundy - 'Hazmat'

Sometimes talent runs in the family and this is certainly the case for Bundy whose bloodline includes Jimi Hendrix. The 21 year-old artist from Seattle has a lot to feel proud of and he plans on continuing his family ties to musical success. Inspired by Hendrix (his cousin), Bundy released his first mixtape titled Saiyan Sauce. Today he is out with a fresh new album, The Bundy Experience. Off The Bundy Experience comes single “Hazmat” that will surely get you excited about this new artist. Hazmat opens with a radio-ready track sound, some deep resonating sub-base and a nice percussive clap that sets the groove. A female vocalese joins on top of the mix. Immediately, you feel your head nod to the beat. When the bass beat drops, Bundy commences with a flow that sounds beyond his years; he has skill. “Shawty know that ass fat she make that ass clap she can go head throw it round yea she throw that ass back shawty know she got that poison we call that hazmat.” Bundy’s flow is laid-back and relaxed showcasing his natural-born ability.

Hazmat is an abbreviation for “hazardous materials”— if something is labeled hazmat it means that it may pose a risk to your health or your property. And in the case of the song 'Hazmat' - the risk is a fine woman. Although he has plenty of fun singing about the woman who ‘got me stuck like I faced a couple blunts and I skipped lunch with the munchies and she look like brunch chillin to the side like damn you caught my eye,” some of the lyrics may surprise you. The line that truly reveals Bundy's core and his ability to self-reflect is found here: “but that's not all I need let me see inside ya mind hop on this paper plan and go back to like 5 let me see how you grew up if it was anything like mine let me know what you care about if I can save some time lets be real.” A great rapper is all about keeping it real, finding his own voice and not being like everyone else and Bundy reveals inner substance showing he can have fun with class. His songwriting skills match his charting flow. Joining Bundy on verse two is rapper Skipp who adds a great flow as well, clear and articulate, changing up the register to the song and bringing in a good bridge. The hook is strong and will stick with you.

Keep your eye on Bundy! Check him out on Spotify.

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