• Bryon Harris

Love Ghost - 'Mr. Blue'

Winners of Best Alternative Rock Band (Hollywood Music in Media Award), Best Music Video (New York Film Awards, LA Shorts Awards, Paris Music Video Underground, NYC Indie Film Awards, Top Shorts, Festigious, London Independent Film Awards - Love Ghost is an A+ band to add to your playlist and watchlist. This unassuming award-winning band tours extensively. Just off the road from Ireland, they are headed back out to Japan this month with a new single that will impress fans of pop, rock, indie-rock and alternative rock.

“Mr. Blue” is the anticipated new release by Love Ghost. Adding a bit more pop-rock to their flavor, "Mr. Blue" grabs you from the get go. On beats 1 and 2, you hear a muted bass line then on beats 3 and 4, an articulated viola responds. Soon, crisp percussion and rhythmic guitar complete the entrance. The instrumental riffs play-off each other. It is sparse, yet very intriguing and it grooves – in just a few bars, it is easy to tell that Love Ghost is different in a very good way. They are the real deal.

Finnegan Bell is the band’s lead singer and the lyricist for this song. His vocals fit the mix perfectly with a nice indie vibe. By the time the catchy melodic chorus comes in, you want to listen to this song again, and again. “I say the world is tainted / I bid you all adieu/ I am Mr. Blue / I am Mr. Blue.” The song has a fantastic combination of ear pleasing addictive melodies along with truly stellar musicianship heard in the song’s arrangement and instrumental solos that build in alternative rock style intensity. Slap bass adds a cool texture. Mya commands the viola and keyboard. The band is: Finnegan Bell (guitar and vocals), Mya Greene (Viola and Keyboard), Ryan Stevens (Bass and background vocals) and Samson Young (drums). The song was produced by Carl Restivo

“Mr. Blue” explores the many sides of depression. It is the story of a young person finding their way in the world and coping with the complexities of relationships. Despite it's subject matter, the music is somehow uplifting as it takes you into the intensity of the emotion, but then brings you back to a place where the mania settles, returning you once again to the structured and sparse riffs in the beginning of the song as if to say everything will be okay.

Love Ghost is putting out music that is very well conceived: the musicianship is precisely executed, the composition and lyrics are artistic and intelligent, the performance is mezmerizing, but in the end – it’s the musical emotion and intensity they achieve that will resonate with you long after you've heard this song.

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