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Frank Trousdell - 'What Was On Her Mind'

Frank Trousdell was born and raised in Chatham, Ontario. He learned to play keyboard at the age of four, but inititally pursued a career in hockey. He earned a hockey scholarship to the University of North Dakota and played for the Blenheim Gold Blades. Soon sport politics came into play and, lucky for us, Frank returned to music. His music career took off and led to many collaborations; the Guelph-based recording artists Copperfield, The Danny Thompson Band, Brantford’s southern rock band The Other Kind and more. He toured extensively for years as Franklyn Alexander and the Bone Shakers. He also released an album Between Us and a single "Then You Came True" that received international airplay. Recently, in Septermber, 2018, Frank released the album The Long Road Home with Bongo Boy Records. His new single, also released via Bongo Boy Records, “What Was On Her Mind” is a great way to get acquainted with Frank’s undeniable talent.

“What Was On Her Mind” is a moving, heartfelt ballad that tells the story of a woman looking at a photograph before the final days of her life. I am not sure if you can listen to this song without choking up. It is filled with an immense tenderness, both lyrically and musically, that captures the true essence of the timeless moments of a life through the voice of a son who wonders what was on the mind of his mother in her final hours.

You simply couldn’t ask for a better Americana musical performance than what you will hear in “What Was On Her Mind.” The song’s composition is very refined and tasteful. It opens with a gentle strumming acoustic guitar. Melodic lead guitar, steel guitar, piano and light percussion are played with the utmost respect for the song's story. The solos are sweet and soulful. The musicians on "What Was On Her Mind" are top-notch as they stay true to the songs delicate nature.

Frank enters singing, “What was on her mind? While she sat and stared at the pictures of us kids on the wall. Was she remembering us as babies and how she raised us all?" The song goes on to tell the story of a woman married to a soldier during World War II. Through the narrative of her son, he hopes that she thought about the glory days of her life. Frank’s voice is uniquely genuine, filled with the expressive nuance that comes from an artist who has lived the life of a thoughtful musician and has mastered the art of capturing human expereince and real feelings through song.

At the end, Franks sings about his siter stroking their mother’s hair as she quietly slips away. I can’t imageine a dry eye in the house as frank sings the last note with a gentleness that can only be described as love.

Frank Trousdell has written a timeless song, the kind of song that fans of Americana and Country are are aching to hear again and the kind of song that radio would welcome with open arms. His performance is so genuine ,intimate and tender – it will touch your soul.

You can listen to Frank on Spotify For more information about Frank Trousdell and his music, visit his Artist Page on Bongo Boy Records.

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