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Paul Vernet - "Under The Spell"

For Paul Vernet, music is as fundamental to his existence as water is to life and songwriting runs through his veins. Paul is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and a singer-songwriter who combines rock and pop for music that is powerful, meaningful and melodic. His album Personal Mythology was released in 2017, followed by new singles. His song “Under The Spell” is…spellbinding.

The magic of "Under Yor Spell" is heard from the very beginning. A rising, repeated note sounds lightly on the electric guitar and continues under the surface for the length of the song; soon guitar layering commences, the guiitar's voices intermingling. One of the amazing aspects of Paul’s work is his ability to create so much texture in the studio. The introduction is mesmerizing and mysterious as it builds toward the first verse.

As the full sound erupts with distorted rhythm guitar, bass and percussion, Paul brings a solid rock edge to the mix with his vocals singing, “You wonder how you got here. You worry where you'll go.” Lyrically the song is wide open for interpretation, but a closer look at the words and the theme that emerges is in my mind is daily addiction, to whatever the poison or lure may be, and being so “under the spell’ of it that you are neither awake of dreaming, just suffering in limbo as the world goes on around you. “The tide is going out, it’s left you in its wake. Every day you linger…”

Mid-way, a lead guitar solo takes center stage offering up a thoughtful guitar solo that captures the emotion of the song. Towards the end a fantastic outro commences in speak-tones, sounding like a Latin spell - Is it a blessing or a curse? Listen to find out!

Check out the vibrantvideo below which is full of intrique:

Paul Vernet is putting out thoughtful, creative music that is one-of-a-kind. Each song shows artistic nuance and careful composition - You will find yourself listening more than once to hear everything Paul has put into the track and lyrics. In addition, Paul knows how to musically capture the feeling and mood of the words. The musicians on “Under Your Spell” include Sean Bigler on bass, keys and some guitar with co-production by Jim Dooley who played drums.

For more information on Paul Vernet, please visit his website.

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