• Bryon Harris

Reverend Peter Unger - 'I Believe in Second Chances'

The uplifting “I Believe in Second Chances” opens witht electric twangy and smooth guitar solo work that glides over delicate fingerpicking acoustic guitar. The organic and electric instruments blend very nicely together; the sound is very beautiful. The musical landscape is soothing and open. Peter’s voice is equaling calming and inviting. “I Believe in Second Chances” is about God’s grace and forgiveness and how that grace can give you a new beginning. Peter sings about the human tendency to focus on the negative in someone instead of looking at the good. The song is saying that people can be forgiven and given a new lease on life.

What makes this song so relatable is that Peter talks about his own experience and his authentic, heartfelt testimonial is what gives the song it’s heart and soul. “I believe in second chances and I believe that God grants more. I believe, I believe ‘cause God forgave me and in his grace, I met the Lord. “

Pastor Peter Unger is a singer-songwriter who writes songs in many genres: folk, country, Gospel and Celtic. His music explores his experiences with his relationship with the Lord and what those experiences have taught him. Peter seeks to share songs that open doors for people wherever they are on their faith journey. He writes and performs songs for the worship services of the churches he serves in as an extension of his ministry.

Peter received a Bachelor’s Degree from Goddard College, a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate from Drew University. Originally a native of Vermont, he is now based out of Pennsylvania.

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