• Bryon Harris

Karl Sky - 'Free'

The new single “Free” by Karl Sky explores the emotional territory of young love and disillusionment. Two college kids fall madly in love. They get married. They feel like they can conquer their dreams. They feel “free” in this space, but soon the fairy-tale ends. He leaves and a fatherless child grows up carrying a heavy, emotional burden.

There’s a certain Americana-Rock feel reminiscent of Springsteen and Morrison that fans of folk-rock will love. Like Springsteen, Sky’s story-telling is very down-to-earth; he paints every day people with every day struggles. In Sky’s lyrics, you will find heartfelt slices of life that explore the complexities of relationships; he keeps it real and honest. Guitar is at the center of Karl's mix. “Free” uses a variety of guitar to bring the song to life. There’s muted strumming in the beginning to eight beats then the mix thickens with acoustic strumming, twangy leads and solid, rock drumming. Lead guitar solos, well-articulated and artistic, accent the song nicely. "Free" is well-crafted through and through.

Singer-Songwriter Karl Sky writes songs that stand the test ot time. For more information about Karl Sky, please visit his website.

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