• Bryon Harris

The Kings - 'Circle of Friends/Man That I Am'

Classic rock band The Kings formed in Vancouver, British Columbia and Oakville, Ontario, Canada, are successful, charting veterans in the music industry. The Kings are most known for their Billboard hit single, ‘This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide’ which caught fire in USA and Canada with extensive airplay in every major market - the seque stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for six months and was named one of the Top 100 U.S.

Currently, The Kings have released their highly anticipated new single, another two-song segue, titled "Circle of Friends/Man That I Am". The seque was mixed in Nashville by famed producer Bob Ezrin. "Circle of Friends/Man That I Am" features David Diamond on lead vocals and bass; Todd Reynolds on drums; Sunny Keyes on keyboards and Mr. Zero on guitar.

"Circle of Friends/Man That I Am" commences with a catchy, fuzzy rhythm guitar riff. Keyboards glide in zestfully, adding a tunefull and melodic presence. Hard hitting and precise percussion provide a strong, rockin’ groove that you can really move to. David Diamond enters singing with a voice made for classic rock,“Late at night the lovers fight, the temperature is rising. They don't know that they're in love It is not surprising.” David’s clear vocals are stellar with just the right amount edge, attitude and confidence. He rocks it. The mere fact that David can sing so well while jamming effortlessly on the bass is mind-blowing. The three musicians make the room light up with this well-mixed song that hits high marks for it’s contagious material. The energy that flows out of The Kings never yields. Tasteful guitar solos sizzle as the band shows off a true jam feel that makes you feel like you are hearing a live performance. The feel-good vibe of "Circle of Friends/Man That I Am" is engaging and inviting.

The song’s well-written, strong hook get stuck in your head. “I can run far and wide. I can keep it inside. It's a fine Circle of Friends.” This is the type of chorus that everyone sings-a-long to. The universal lyrics are timeless and classic. The seque into "Man That I Am" keeps the energy topped. The two songs blend together seamlessly for a killer double hitter that keeps the rocking, good vibe going. The song’s themes talk about the kind of friendship and love that doesn't fade. “Cause cirlces don’t end.”

The Kings display immense song-writing skill, tight musicianship, charismatic performance chops and timeless, classic rock vibes in "Circle of Friends/Man That I Am” - fans and newcomers will certainly want to join this fine circle of musicians who are so at home their craft, their music makes you feel like you can relate to every word they are singing.

For more information, please visit The Kings website.

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