• Bryon Harris

Sorry, Marshal - 'Neenah'

Sorry Marshal's new single "Neenah" off their debut EP -1 is a testament to the band's creative talents. With just the right amount of reverb and distortion, "Neenah" commences with slightly syncopated, melodic guitar riffs that gets you hooked phrase by phrase. Soon, an indie-rock flavor emerges with heavier bass and a solid beat.

Before the first verse commences, an unpredictable swirl of heavy, distorted chords jump-in and take over, but only for a brief while. Greg Palmer, the band's lead vocalist, sings in pure shoegaze fashion demanding your full attention as he delivers a subdued and chill vocal performance over the mix.

In "Neena" there is a longing expressed for someone who has gone away or changed in a way you can no longer relate to. Mimicking the guitar motif that is heard in the introduction, the vocals enter. "I don't know where." After repeating the section again, the band breaks the cycle transitioning into a a heavier, more melodic arrangement as they sing, "I kept your photo graph at my address. I don't know who you are anymore."

Keeping the lyrics simple and direct, Sorry, Marshal uses compact writing and complex arrangements with interesting change-ups around unexpected corners to express meaning and musicianship. With an emotive timbre, signature to their sound, and color-outside-the-lines musical sophistication, Sorry, Marshal owns their own space in the underground shoegaze scene - and it's a space that is well earned.


About Sorry, Marshal:

Sorry, Marshal is an alternative band from Baltimore, Maryland offering up fuzzy guitar driven shoegaze coated with indie-rock icing. Founded in 2018, band members include: Greg Pamer (vocals, guitar), John Mattingly (drums), Dan Pamerand (bass), and Luke Naden (guitar, vocals.) Front-man, and primary songwriter, Greg Pamer draws his inspiration from artists like Superchunk, Juliana Hatfield, Archers of Loaf, Sugar, MBV, Hey Mercedes, The Promise Ring, and Dinosaur Jr.

To learn more about Sorry, Marshal, please visit their website.

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