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Happiness Junkies - 'You Can Leave Your Light On'

On the first day of summer, June 21, 2019, BWH Music Group released the sizzling hot summer compilation album, 'That Summer, Vol. 2, by Various Artists.' The album offers 16 songs from internationally acclaimed and award-wining independent artists. Happiness Junkie's song "You Can Leave Your Light" is one of the phenomenal songs featured on the album.

Happiness Junkie's state that the thought behind the song "You Can Leave Your Light On" is: "Would it be possible in a world so full of contrast, to just leave your light on...?" A pensive groove that feels like a jar of melancholy honey pours over your soul to a slow, hypnotic back-beat. Equally sweet and rich are the vocals of El who sings, "I know- your rights. I know your wrongs and don't you think the world will carry on. Contrast comes and contrast goes the highs, the lows when it's all said and done, but you can leave your light on."

El's voice is a rare alto find that comes from a place deep in her soul and resonates with authentic passion and expression. She has the kind of voice that easily connects listeners with the meaning of each word she sings. Sparse instrumentals (electric guitar, piano, and percussion) create the illusion of a much thicker arrangement. "You Can Leave Your Light On" is a beautiful song about the light within that can shine even when there is darkness outside.

Happiness Junkies draw you in - like a moth to a low-lit flame - and the surprise is that the flame nedoesn't extinguish you, instead it keeps you warm and content. "Oh you bring out the sun - bring out the sun - nothing lasts forever except love, 'cause love will always carry on - carry on." "You Can Leave Your Light On" is both a love song and a message for our times.


About Happiness Junkies:

Happiness Junkies are a duo from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) consisting of El on vocals, piano, percussion and Onno on guitar,bass, drum programming and backup vocals. The duo writes, records and performs music that is described as melancholic slow-beat rock. With electric guitar and piano entwined, female vox and a rhythm box, the duo achieves a mesmerizing sound, a "slow groove for a fast world." Happiness Junkies have been added to numerous Spotify playlists as well as college and commercial radio around the world.

For more information, please visit Happiness Junkie's website.

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