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Rooftop Heroes - "Heroes"

n the first day of summer, June 21, 2019, BWH Music Group released the sizzling hot summer compilation album, 'That Summer, Vol. 2, by Various Artists.' The album offers 16 songs from internationally acclaimed and award-wining independent artists. Rooftop Heroes song "Heroes” is one of the phenomenal songs featured on the album.

Rooftop Heroes states that “Heroes” is "an homage on these thousands of heroes making our daily life worth living. The heroes who may risk their lives for ours. The heroes who care for us when we’re sick and weak. The single mother who works in the nights, that she can care for their children in the daytime The father who will do everything he has to for his family. They’re all superheroes, that’s why they needed a song.”

“Shout it out to the weekend heroes!” From beginning to end the track to “Heroes” is full of pop-rock energy – the kind where hundreds of fans hold their hands in the air, flickering lighters and clapping along. “Heroes” is an exhilarating song that exudes the spirit of gratitude. The melody is instantly appealing and memorable. The track is superbly produced - the band masterfully combines colorful synth with the purity of organic rock.

Vocally, lead singer Mike Frei has a distinct style that is part pop and part rock, for cross-over appeal. As a front-man, Mike has a great stage presence. In fact, the entire band performs as though they’ve already been coached by a major label. They are polished in every way. Check out the their ultra-fun video for clips of everyday heroes and to watch the band's performance.


About Rooftop Heroes:

Hailing from Eastern Switzerland, Rooftop Heroes is made up of Mike Frei (guitar, lead vocals), Daniel Frei (bass, vocals), Tobi Engeler (lead guitar, vocals) and Samuel Forster (drums, vocals). Originally called BluePearl (and with two former members), the quartet was featured on national German TV shows such as The Dome and Köln 50667. Now returning as Rooftop Heroes, the alternative collective found their core audience on YouTube, collecting over 1 million views on cover videos. Looking to give their fans more, they are gaining worldwide momentum with their original music.

For more information on Rooftop Heroes, please visit their website.

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