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Austin Mulka - 'Soul'

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Austin Mulka is an artist you don't want to miss. He is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, saxophone, drums/percussion, bass, and ukulele. He studied Philosophy, Economics, and Political Science at Hope College and worked as a policy intern in Criminal Justice reform before transferring to the University of Michigan where he received a degree in English and Literary Studies. Austin is also a martial artist and a social activist. Austin began recording music in December of 2018 with friend and producer, Nick Delbis. Austin's latest single, "Soul" (produced by Delbris), is a great way to get acquainted with this artist's undeniable talent.

“Soul” commences with a light pulsing synth backdrop that draws you in. Crisp guitar chords on the first downbeats of each bar cut through the mix with complete clarity forming a catchy melodic phrase juxtaposed against the pop-rock landscape. Austin enters singing with a voice that sounds FM radio ready. He is a lead singer all the way with a smooth and inviting tone. In addition, he delivers a fully conceived artistic interpretation and expression of the lyrics he is singing. "The cards are stacked against you dear already. Your problems stem from genes evolved through agony. But fates are better left to ancient tragedy.”

The song’s composition has a great build-up to the chorus with driving bass, guitars and rock drums, but what really brings it all home is Austin’s moving vocal performance which keeps you on the edge of your musical seat. Simply put, Austin delivers his soul in "Soul" and the song soars both musically and emotionally. The lyrics to the chorus are truly refreshing. “I don’t want your body I just want your soul and I couldn’t wish upon a star for any more and I don’t care about my carnal urge control. I don’t want your body, I just want your soul.” In today's material world where a woman's body is elevated above all else, Austin's lyrics are appealing. Yes, the song is about a love relationship evolving into a friendship, but it is also about what we value and cherish in another person and what we are willing to sacrifice for what we find meaningful.

Great lyrics aside, the chorus pops off the sheet with a very strong hook that you never get tired of hearing. Taking his songwriting to even greater heights, Austin steers away from formulaic composition and introduces a compelling instrumental section and a passionate vocal ending that melts the needle off the record and stirs the heart.

Please take a moment to check out "Soul."

In “Soul” the theme is about a deep friendship that is worth putting one's physical desire aside for. What you will find when you listen to "Soul" is a great pop-rock song with lot of substance, a powerful vocal performance, and a theme that is long overdue.

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