• Bryon Harris

Grifters & Shills- 'Left Right Left'

“Left Right Left,” a new single by Grifters & Shills, is more than a song - it’s a musical march down the not-so-straight line of working for a living. With an exhilarating mix of train-track rhythm guitar, crisp leads, and steady drums, “Left Right Left” is not a song you can sit down to, and it shouldn’t be, as it depicts, both lyrically and musically, the never-ending cycle of working people. Starting with the music on the track, Grifters & Shills are simply remarkable. Playing over 12 instruments during their live shows, and combining folk-rock, Americana, and Bluegrass, the single “Left Right Left” showcases an Americana duo that is surely at the top of their game and worthy of being on the top of your playlist. It would be no surprise is this duo wound up on big stages at major folk festivals or took home some awards this year. They have songwriting chops, and instrumental chops, to spare.

Throughout the song, you will find an arrangement that knocks your socks off. Lead guitar riffs ooze with the “wow” factor and the rhythm is very tight. Together, John and Rebeca Stoll sing the rapid-fire lyrics in complete unison for a sound that is double-the-fun. Their two vocal ranges, in the upper and lower register, provide a rich and dynamic timbre. Lyrically, Grifters & Shills are sophisticated, intelligent and down-right daring. "Up high on the hog and they're having a ball, but don't you worry none they're gonna keep it all."

“Left Right Left” is protest song. It’s about work, time, money, and propaganda."They'll spin it all up and knock it all down, and say the devil done it if there's no one around Brush it off with a smile, hide the dirt on their hands, and give you all the glory just as quick as they can." The ending offers a clever nod to the military with a sound that marches forward, not in line, but in defiance. The song breaks into a left, right, left march with a thinning of the instrumentation and a vocal tapestry that might make you break into applause as you listen.

Grifters & Shills are truly remarkable writers and musicians in every way and if that’s not enough, their songs carry the weight of this generation’s social issues with music that actually lifts you up, makes you think, and gives you a sense of awe.


About Grifters & Shills

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John and Rebeca Stoll met at a classic-rock, blues jam in Texas in 2008. He was rock and heavy metal musician and she was a folk-rock artist. They instantly shared a connection. Combining John’s guitar chops and Rebecca’s folk-fused vocals, the duo formed Grifters & Shills. Together, they play 12 instruments: John’s arch-top guitar, Rebecca's bass, a driving stomp board, cigar box guitars, harmonicas, and an occasional kazoo. Grifters & Shills have an intense direction that they steer with music and meaning.