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Andrew Moore - 'Look at Me Now'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Look at Me Now” is an eclectic work of art…a truly beautiful song featuring inspired performances and brilliant composition. A delicate yet powerful groove drives this song, creating an intoxicating backdrop for Moore’s smooth, precise vocals. Courageous, experimental ideas land firmly…this song can’t miss. Listeners will be powerless against its charms.

Lyrically, “Look at Me Now” is poetic and insightful. Examinations of fantasy and deception are tackled.

“All the day I get lost in imagination, Thoughts of feeling brave and other fabrications.”

The tone of the music adds a dreamlike dimension to these lyrics.

“Social pressure building, walls around me closing, All I know time is short and I want my freedom.”

The expert delivery of these lyrics make them seem to float in the air.

Arrangement techniques expertly showcase a killer groove and a catchy melody. Bass and drums are in the spotlight, locking-in underneath dexterous guitar lines and waves of back-up vocals. An extremely well-crafted bridge highlights top-notch production values. This is an impressively intricate song that always feels wide open. The overall sound of the band is undeniable on this track, and the vocal performance has real star power. “Look at Me Now” is fantastically inspiring piece of music.


About Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and aspiring producer. After receiving his credentials at the Los Angeles College of Music, Andrew wrote, performed, recorded, and mixed his debut album ‘MOTH’. Within a year after its release, Andrew was pulled into the music scene in Asia. He performed with multi-award-winning and platinum record-selling artists Dimash Kudaibergenov (America’s Got Talent), Jolin Tsai, and Kris Wu. Andrew has since returned to Canada to write, record, and perform.

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