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Andy Michaels - "Angel"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Angel” is a sweet and serene lullaby of a song and it’s so gentle in its execution. Every instrument has a soft touch to its performance and the mix keeps the song low-key. The music grows by the end and reaches a momentous feeling, yet still can maintain the tender atmosphere that Andy Michaels has expertly crafted. The song's growth from beginning to end is so subtle but also very effective. Instruments join in quietly but help the song expand and add variety. This is such a well-crafted song and it’s very uplifting.

Lyrically, Andy Michaels’ goal is simple but beautiful. His lyrics aim to bring inspiration and hope back into your life. The lyrics are all about lifting someone so that they experience the beauty of life and all it has to offer. He uses an “Angel” as this source of inspiration.

“I wish I could sing, I wish I could fly, way up high into the sky, If I had wings then I will try to be an Angel for a while”.

The writing here is also done in such a way that allows many different people to relate to these lyrics. One interpretation could be that Andy Michaels is singing to a son or daughter, but others may be able to apply this to anyone that they love in their life. It’s so wonderful that the lyrics are vague enough but still moving and powerful.

“Every time you go away, a part of you will stay, every time you go away, I know you will stay.”.

The arrangement features some really restrained but very nuanced performances and they assist this song is soaring high into the sky. The song begins with a nice acoustic guitar ostinato that immediately creates an immersive atmosphere for the listener. Everything that joins the guitar afterward simply adds color and ornaments the song further. Andy Michael’s vocals are soft, but his voice has this slight raspy tone to it that makes it unique. The percussion is held back a bit in this mix, but this balance helps to give the song a sense of groove while still maintaining its sweet atmosphere. The gospel-like background vocals added in the last half of the song are so inspiring and beautiful, they gave me chills. “Angel” is a pure song filled with love, hope, and inspiration.

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About Andy Michaels

Andy Michaels is well known for his wonderful journey from surviving an incapacitating car accident to that of an internationally recognized contemporary/pop songwriter. He belongs to Perth, Western Australia, and has released several mesmerizing music albums in the last few years. Each has a deep sense of melody with poignant lyrics that have helped him to be at the forefront of multiple genres in the music industry worldwide. Andy went through a critical time after suffering from a serious car accident when he was just in his teenage years. This life-threatening experience motivated him to pick up a guitar which ignited a musical spark deep inside his heart. Since then, he has written, recorded, and released more than 120 songs, most of which have received universal critical acclaim and obtained a huge response from listeners around the globe.

After receiving 5-star reviews around the world with the groundbreaking “Revisited” in 2018, Andy Michaels returned with a vengeance to deliver another powerful, deep, and melodic album ‘Incendiary Heart’ in 2019. The 14 track adult contemporary/pop album features thought-provoking lyricism with a musically nostalgic feel of the 70s and 80s. Moreover, the arrangements of the tracks deliver a perfect contemporary and modern style vibe of country, rock, and pop. Andy Michaels enlisted 16-Year-old Tiarna Madison (Whom he discovered in a music talent quest in Australia), Kerry Ironside, Carolyn Thomas, and Sharon Court as collaborators for this uplifting album, recently described as “Cat Stevens meets Pink Floyd and David Bowie”. “Angel” and “Where are you Now” from “Revisited” both reached Top10 on Global Independent Music Charts. Five singles from the Album “Incendiary Heart also charted Globally with “Darling it Hurts” reaching Number 2 on the World Indie Music Top 100. It was also voted the 2020 Album of the year in the Music Indie Channel Awards.

In 2021 and despite the Global upheaval which has thrown most countries in turmoil, Andy is still doing what he does Best – writing inspirational, uplifting, and memorable songs to appease the hearts, souls, and minds of people in a tumultuous and constantly changing world. His new single “She reminds me of Beautiful” is due for release in March 2021.