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Fighting For Frequency - "A Million Years Away"

Review by Abby Kenna

“A Million Years Away” by Fighting For Frequency is a powerful rock anthem, bursting with instrumental intricacies and contagious spirit.

“A Million Years Away” opens with compelling chords strummed out on an electric guitar, the slight nuances within the chord tones and harmonies already establishing an emotional edge to the strength of the song. These strummed chords belt out a catchy, gripping rhythm that immediately will have listeners swaying along to the steady flow. The drums tread alongside this theme, adding a more muted, punchy heartbeat to the expressive arrangement. The power within the instrumentation tells a story in itself, embracing the signature energy and striking spirit of rock music.

Fighting For Frequency’s lead singer further stokes the fire within “A Million Years Away” with his vivid voice. He sings with tenacity, yet colors his delivery with a vulnerability that allows listeners to feel the emotion within the lyrics through his voice:

“The oceans rise and fall beneath us now

And I don’t feel like coming home…”

The melody writing, vocal arrangement, & production overall lends themselves perfectly to Fighting For Frequency’s rock tendencies, as the lead vocals are built to be sung along to. You can almost hear the vocals reverberating against the walls of the stadium as the band plays to a roaring crowd. The bridge especially embraces the energy of a live show, as the repetitive rounds of vocals almost become a chant, a section that you could envision rising throughout the audience in waves of sound:

“Whatever it is we need

Whatever it’s for we bleed

Here together, still together…”

“A Million Miles Away” sends the song soaring with energy with a wailing guitar solo that fills every inch of the mix in the bridge.

Fighting For Frequency fully leans into their sound, committing to the character of the distorted guitars and punchy drums. Fit for a stadium tour, “A Million Years Away” is emotional and striking in its musical strength, embracing its rock n’ roll heart.


About Fighting For Frequency

Not content with rock's absence on the airwaves, the formidable five known as Fighting for Frequency took an oath, vowing to bring rock back to its former glory. This New Orleans-based rock band is on a crusade to bring listeners new stories composed of pure rock awesomeness.

Forged in the fires of rock and fortified with influences from bands such as Foo Fighters, Gaslight Anthem, Metallica, Jimmy Eat World, Breaking Benjamin, and Alter Bridge, this band is conquering stages and airwaves near you. Music is their weapon. Join the fight to bring rock back with Fighting for Frequency!

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