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JRtheBand - 'Blind Eye Beholder'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

An articulate and versatile artist, JRtheBand has released a new relatable rock single titled "Blind Eye Beholder." A resonate, bright acoustic guitar opens up the tune as a rock drum groove leads listeners to JR's lively vocals. The rhythm section is intricate as the blues-folk-rock progression builds into the chorus. The bassline nicely embellishes the groove while tasty guitar riffs add melodic fills. At times,

the music busts open into clap along sections that invite listeners to participate.

JR performed most of the instrumentation including vocals, guitar, banjo, and bass. The fantastic Jeff Stanley keeps the beat tight on drums; Jeremy Parker mixed the high-quality performance; and Ryan Smith mastered the song. The result is a bustling sound that sweeps you away with a catchy hook and vibrant instrumentation.

“Blind Eye Beholder” is about the pressure of constant critical feedback. Sooner or later, enough is enough. Initially, JR wrote this song as a collaboration, but the union did not work out. This bitter-sweet experience led to lyrics about how it feels to be caught up in a loop of toxic feedback and the desire to be free to pursue your own ideas. JR's clean and clear vocal style is as direct as the message he delivers with the song's clever lyrics.

“Blind eye beholder / Got the world on your shoulders / Once were united / House now divided / Under the microscope / No hope, can't cope / Pushing the same old envelope / Same game of rope-a-dope."

On the basic landscape, JRtheBand adds interesting harmonies, melodic layers, rhythmic diversity, and expressive vocal nuance that make for a dynamic musical experience that discerning ears will truly appreciate while his lyrical message and charismatic musical style appeals to the masses. JRtheBand’s music is intricate, yet completely relatable because he delivers real experiences that he feels, and he doesn't hold back artistically or emotionally - this is a killer combination that is rare in today's music scene.

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About JRtheBand

JRtheBand is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and composer of modern rock anthems. Channeling a diverse and eclectic range of influences, JR's mission is to find common ground among us and keep rock alive. Under the surface of his sound, fans discover stories about complex human emotions.JR just started releasing original songs in late Summer 2019, and he already has a formidable fanbase. JR reached 23,500 plays on Spotify with his top song "Not the Enemy" garnishing over 5,000 plays. On YouTube, he has hit 415K views with 570+ subscribers. His lyric videos have been very popular with four lyric videos each having 100+ likes. On social media, JR's loyal fanbase is growing with equally impressive numbers.


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