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LD - 'Brand'

By Bandon Watts & Staff

On his track “Brand” off of his new EP Only I Can Make It, LD offers listeners a chance to delve into his mind and emotions. The track features a melancholy piano motif at the center that is built up with thick, bumping sub bass, and drums that knock.

Kicking off each section, LD starts things off with a catchy “mini-hook” that seamlessly transitions into every verse tying the message into introspective stories that reveal more about his emotions and life.

“I really ain’t a bad guy, I guess it’s in the brand Got a hundred more cities from the trap where I land Yeah my girl and those titties, I guess I’m just a fan all these scars and truth aren’t really in the plan.”

After the first hook, the sub bass slams in immediately pumping energy into the verse as LD begins to pour his emotions onto the track with bars about the troubles of having relationships while trying to build up his career.

LD delivers each bar with a crisp timbre that keeps listeners engaged in his words and message, rather than riding off the hype of the beat. “Brand” is a great track to check out and introduce yourself to LD’s style and sound. With LD, you get something real: real emotions, real musicianship, and real talent. LD keeps it real which will surely draw fans to his refections and authentic artistry. Make sure to check out more great tracks off his EP Only I Can Make It.

About LD

Born and raised in Minneapol]ois, LD is a hip hop artist who has come up in the music industry through a road that was once filled with challenges. Much was thrown at him, from an early age. Overcoming the obstacles in his way, and through loss and hardship, from drug addiction, LD is out of the storm.

Today, LD plans to use this same determination and willpower in his music career, emphasizing the title: ​Only Can Make It​. Off the EP, "This is Me" is a great way to experience LD's journey and rise to the top of his game.


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