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Maggie Amini - 'His Eye Is On the Sparrow'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

A beautiful and vibrant country gospel cover of “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” by Maggie Amini, and produced by Grammy artist Billy Smiley, will gently touch your heart and move your soul. The body of the song has a wistful introduction created by a warm piano melody and quiet sparrows chirping in the background. Maggie's angelic vocals rise over the harmonic instrumentation. As the song progresses, the vocal layers echo brightly along with subtle ambient effects. The song closes softly with tender piano.

Maggie beautifully performs “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” with a reverent heart. For over 100 years, there have been many renditions of this song, and Maggie’s version is profoundly moving. The spirit and soul of this song is artistically captured. “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” is about how we know God loves and takes care of all his creations, even down to the tiny bird. God protects and loves us, as Maggie sings in the glorious chorus:

“I sing because I’m happy (happy) I sing because I’m free (free free free) For His eye, his eye is on the sparrow, And I know, I know He watches over me.”

Maggie Amini's artistry is truly transcendent. With a natural, country-folk style, Maggie has the ability to reach listeners wherever they are on their spiritual journey. Her cover of "His Eye is on the Sparrow" is one of the most tender and eloquent versions ever recorded.

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About Maggie Amini Maggie Amini is an artist who has a true missionary and servant heart. She worked for four years in the Dominican Republic with young girls, and she works with Texas youth. She has also led women conferences, and she sings over a hundred times a year in Churches around the Texas region. With renowned producer Billy Smiley, some of the finest musicians in Nashville are working with Amini on her upcoming releases including Brennan Smiley of “The Technicolors”, ‘The Brilliance’ keyboard player John Ardnt on piano, along with Steve Brewster, Jonathan Crone, Blair Masters, Callan Brown, Matt Pearson and Michael W Smith. Her newest release, 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus' is a great way to get acquainted with Maggie's mission and music.


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