• Bryon Harris

Nune aka Mr. Propane Feat. K-Rino – 'Black Man'

Nune aka Mr. Propane enraptures listeners through emotive bars as he speaks on the mental struggles he deals with growing up as a young black man in America in his song “Black Man” featuring K-Rino of Southpark Coalition.

Layers of lush strings and synths add a sweet harmonic depth to the track accompanied by steady, classic hip-hop style drums and a killer moving bass line that really puts the quality of this beat on another level. Nune hops on the track with an energetic timber and stylish flow spitting woke bars that get the listeners involved and thinking.

“Black man Black Man, Where Are You/I'm Searching For Myself Cuz In Myself I'll Find You/Overcame so Much Pain But Lost So Much Of Our Truth/Hiding Behind Our Own Past, Unite For Change/We Just Loot, An Excuse To Stay Locked/We Conditioned Sellouts, Shell shocked From Our Past/Without The Cash To Bail Out, We Make It Out Then Look Down/With No Regard For What's Found”

Throughout the verse, Nune puts his songwriting talent of full display, switching between complex flows through killer bars that seem endless. The feature from K-Rino adds a nice contrast from Nune’s verses with his deeper, more rough sound and slightly more laid back flow, the duo make for a track you won’t be able to pull your ear from. Tying the grand message together into a memorable hook, Nune steps into the territory of rappers like J. Cole and Kendrick.

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About Nune aka Mr. Propane

During his early youth growing up in Southern Louisiana music has always been a bridge and way of audible exploration into the different takes on life's twists and turns. It's crazy but growing up in a household of five for much of his childhood under strict guidelines, rap music was not really condoned by his mother which tried her best to keep his ears free of the hip-hop movement. ​

From the deep and explicit tales of growing up in low income communities, finding fellowship among brethren, and a focus on many of the hardships and harrowing tales of growing up in poverty induced in the lyrical content, it isn't hard to understand her reasoning. For right outside our door we too were faced with some of those same hardships.

Even still artist like Tupac Shakur, Nas, Bone Thugs & Harmony, K-Rino, and Scarface all had that special something that resonated deep. These poetic, emotion filled thoughts, and poignant delivery of each lyric was all it took to make Nune (Noon) a serious Hip-hop fan and artist.