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Peter Unger - 'If I Were A Hero'

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Incredibly soulful with a country twang, “If I Were a Hero” by Peter Unger is a remarkable addition to the Christian folk genre. The acoustic guitar is absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of the cornerstones of the song. The tone is warm and pleasant, while the guitarist plays consistently behind the beat, which gives the song a nice tug and pull. The electric guitar although more in the background fills out the song perfectly. The real star of the show is the vocals delivered by Peter Unger. Smooth and crooning, it bears a stark resemblance to famed singer songwriter, James Taylor. Unger’s vocals are uniquely gentle but are by no means weak. Instead, he utilizes his voice to great effect and is able to convey a great amount of emotion.

The verse wastes no time establishing the tone in the beginning of the song. Inviting and filled with charisma, Unger’s vocals grab the listener instantly. The pre chorus is clear and established, and performs it’s job of becoming a palate cleanser going into the chorus. The chorus bursts on to the scene with a catchy melody and exciting playing from the guitars. All of the guitar parts play so well together, particularly the slide coming in from time to time that the pace never gets stale. Overall the different sections transition into each other very smoothly, a nod to the superb songwriting.

As a devoted pastor, the inspiration from this song comes from Peter’s faith. His love for his community and the Lord shines through in his production but is especially evident in his lyric writing. “Now some have said the only way, For evil to win, Is for the good to remain silent” is just one example of some of the tough themes that are touched upon. The song is a beacon for hope and is intensely uplifting especially in such arduous times. With an outstanding vocal performance and solid production, “If I were a Hero” by Peter Unger is an infectiously bright and fantastic song.


About Peter Unger

Rev. Peter B. Unger is UCC pastor. He received his doctorate degree from Drew University in Madison, NJ in the area of Psychology of Religion. He has served Churches in upstate NY., and Eastern PA. He was a chaplain at the Syracuse, NY Veterans Hospital.

Pastor Unger is currently an adjunct college instructor in the areas of Philosophy, Ethics, and Comparative Religion. His passion, at the heart of his ministry, has been to share the saving Grace of Jesus Christ through storytelling, singing and songwriting.

For more information on Peter Unger,please visit Reverbnation.


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