• Bryon Harris

Rice - “No Brady Ft. J-Muzique”

Review by Daniel Deprè

“No Brady” kicks things off with a very rhythmically interesting hook that also features unique instrumentation. The intro immediately pulls you in and begins the feel-good vibe that permeates through the whole track. This is prime summer music. You can just imagine a music video for this song featuring shots of the beach and lots of sunlight. The flow and rhymes are on point, and they perfectly react to the instrumental backing track creating an easily catchy and cool summer jam.

Lyrically, Rice is creating a chill and cool atmosphere, reflecting on the things he loves most. Additionally, he is speaking to those who have had to work hard to surpass insurmountable obstacles. Rice is releasing that positive energy of when you finally achieve your goal after much sacrifice through descriptions of success and women. Many of the rhymes employ clever comparisons.

“Call me Ortiz got you running home to Papi, need a long bow just to ride a tsunami.”

The lyrics have a strong erotic presence, which lends itself to the “No Brady’s” feel-good vibe.

“Yeah yeah yeah go crazy, yeah yeah, I’m wavy, tryna’ touch me up, wanna taste me, she gon’ throw it back.”

The instrumental backing track is simple and to the point, but very catchy and unique. The use of the flute is such an interesting addition, and it pays off. Lots of rap/hip-hop songs tend to be very low-end focused, so the use of flute here gives “No Brady” a wonderful sense of high end. This helps give the instrumental more variety as the flute only plays a few times throughout the track. It complements the main synth hook perfectly, which is more mid-range and is the core of the backing track. “No Brady Ft. J-Muzique” is a relentlessly cool summer jam, filled with feel-good vibes and clever lyrics.


About Rice

Entrepreneur and co-owner of Hustle Work Grind Records .music is my passion however it’s given me the confidence to do so much more for self and others . Songwriting and growing the business and the brand is just a part of what we do, charity community and family are at the core of what we do and our values . My memorable moments this far is organizing a peaceful protest in My small town that was controversial to acknowledge the death of George Floyd and getting over 700 people to show up. Nominating as best Hiphop artist by Street Fame Magazine for 2021. Won an award for best Hiphop performance video “Black Excellence No Brady Performance on Poze Radio. Learn more here! Follow on Instagram Stream more music on Spotify


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