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Saint Brown - "One Day"

Review by Abby Kenna

“One Day” by Saint Brown is a stirring confession of struggle, telling an authentic story through a poignant, haunting instrumental arrangement that exemplifies the eloquent artist’s message.

“One Day” is grounded by a trailing cycle of twinkling piano, plucking out an intimate melody that flows throughout the entirety of the song. Its rolling current acts as a foundation for Saint Brown to build upon, keeping the song’s core emotion intact as he ventures into rap verses and new instrumental hooks. Saint Brown recolors this piano loop throughout “One Day”, utilizing its evocative tone and raw vulnerability to carry the song’s message within each section.

The introduction embraces the initial depth of the song, filtering in ethereal strings, ringing out in the background of the mix with a dreamlike quality that furthers the instrumental emotion. Providing a stark contrast to the light hues of the piano and strings, a drumbeat is added, driving the “One Day” forward but not overpowering the softness of the song.

Saint Brown explores a lifetime’s worth of growth and pain within the lyrics of “One Day”. Although narrating a coming-of-age story burdened with hardships, he maintains a tone of hope and perseverance, even while recounting his darkest days:

“Are you listening to me now? See my heart it's just bleedin'

If there's a higher power than dammit please hear me screamin’…”

The recurring hook solidifies Saint Brown’s message in “One Day”, never failing to counteract the intrusive thoughts that decorate the lyrics in darkness with a brilliant ray of hope. Laden with ghostly reverb, the hook has a radiant tone bursting with rosy optimism, brightening the song’s mood no matter the depth of gloom. This serves as a symbol for Saint Brown’s life, for while he confesses to us listeners the occasional heaviness of life, he is still embracing those moments of light.

“Lost ’til I’m found, screaming my truth out loud,

One day I’ll be something…”

“One Day” is an honest, profound illustration of life’s hardships, using musical contrast to display the constant ebb and flow of the human experience. Saint Brown is an inspiration, letting his story encourage others to embrace theirs, and continue looking toward the light.


About Saint Brown

Hailing from DC, Saint Brown turns real life scenarios into music with his relatable songs. The story reflects his hardships of growing up. With his latest release, "One Day", Saint brings us a unique perspective on the complexities of depression and growing up without a family.

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