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Sarah Christine - 'Vices' Featuring Taylor Tuke

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Vices” is such a beautiful and sentimental song. It’s bound to have you holding back tears as you relate to the lyrics in your own unique way. This is a piano pop ballad through and through, but it also has a very warm, cinematic atmosphere to it. The arrangement is perfectly balanced between the instruments chosen. This is a song that we need now more than ever as we have been alone with our internal struggles, stuck inside for almost a year now since the pandemic started. “Vices” is a great anthem to get you back on your feet.

Lyrically Sarah Christine creates a very sincere repetition while referencing things that just about anybody can relate to. She sings about how much harder it’s been to handle loneliness during this pandemic, and you can really feel the heavy weight she’s been feeling. “I think I like sleepin around, to try to fill the void I don’t know too much about, I think I could fall to the ground.” The lyrics also reference some of the most common vices human beings struggle with in a way that is gentle and non judgmental. “I’m drinking too much, and did you wake up lost?.”

The arrangement is so sweet and intimate, it really helps set this song apart from other piano ballads. The piano is the beating heart of the song, providing the harmonic structure as well as the sense of motion. Added on top of the piano is a string synth pad that is so subtle but also so effective in adding a deeply emotional element to the song. Sarah Christine shows such range in her singing ability throughout the song. Sometimes she lets her words turn to a whisper at the end of a line, beautifully evoking the sensation of feeling defeated. Her vices are a heavy weight on her shoulders during this pandemic and her vocal performance aptly reflects this.

The surprise addition of singer Taylor Tuke gives this song yet another layer. The duet really makes the lyrics even more impactful and both Taylor and Sarah’s voices go together so harmoniously. “Vices” is a sad song brimming with emotion that will warm your heart.


About Sarah Christine

Sarah Christine, professional singer-songwriter and solo female artist has been making waves in the music scene with her infectious pop music and stunning vocals. Hailing from Minneapolis, Sarah Christine recently made the jump as a full-time musician in the mountain-oasis of Aspen.

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