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The Collective Bus - 'Don't Stop'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Don’t Stop” begins with an electric guitar playing a rhythmic hook. Shortly after, drums and a processed electric guitar playing a complementary part join in. Already drawn in by the groove in the intro, listeners will be in awe when the vocals, sung by Daniel Correa, enter along with a thumping bass.

Halfway through the verse, the guitar re-enters to further develop the song, providing a more rhythmic foundation with a reggae vibe. On the chorus, the song hypes up listeners by moving into a driving double time feel. In addition, a rhythmic piano part enters to enhance the drive. Soon background vocals are introduced which helps the chorus bloom, and draw out more emotion.

Returning to the original feel, the second verse introduces a fresh guitar part and sound to further keep listeners hooked in. A fresh instrumental section, with the bass taking over the spotlight, adds even more ear candy. The song then transitions smoothly into a scaled back chorus that slowly builds in energy using dynamics and orchestration to add excitement and drive. The song ultimately ends with a vamp in which the band stretches out, and wraps up with a fade out.

The lyrics behind “Don’t Stop” are inspired by the young band’s success that is growing exponentially by the day. Breaking out as a headlining act in 2019, the band has also toured in support for several national acts in 22 states. Listeners will be able to experience the band’s momentum with lyrics such as “Don’t Stop, ‘til there is no emotion” and “Dance ‘til you just go with the motion.”

“Don’t Stop” by The Collective Bus is a piece of fun, moving, and well written music. This band is not only comprised of world class performers, but also clever arrangers who know how to construct parts to tell a story and connect with listeners musically. The song is never with a dull moment, and is constantly building to keep listeners on their toes. Listeners should get on board with this band, whose success grows by the day. Listen on Spotify.

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About The Collective Bus

Recent graduates of the University of Miami, Frost School of Music. the members of The Collective Bus are unstoppable with a fresh and vibrant sound that fuses Afro Cuban rhythms with modern pop and rock. Singer/ front-man Daniel Correa, offers a 4 octave range as he delivers lyrics that speak to those who have struggled for a sense of truth.

In 2019, they broke out as headliners and special guests for various National Acts playing 22 states that culminated with 2 sold out consecutive nights at the World Famous Iridium, Times Square NYC. They also rocked other iconic venues: The Machine Shop in Flint, the Vogue Theater and The Kent State Stage in OH. Their shows are like watching a high wire act without a net. The shows are a high-octane testimonial to the exhilarating, yearning, and angst that defines coming-of-age.


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