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The Songs of Songwriter Glenn Shayne - 'Pursuit The Instrumental Feat. Various Nashville Artists'

Review Written by Victoria Scott

Glenn Shayne is the former owner of Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge, Treasure Island, Florida. From 1983-1986 Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge was the Premier club for Live Entertainment in the Tampa Bay area. In addition to running a live entertainment venue, Shayne has been writing Lyrics since 1985. He has worked with many collaborators over the years including: Queen Ofir recording artist in Los Angeles, CA., of Passion Show Records, Mark Steven of the Mark Steven Band, Palm Bay, FL., Michael Betts, Dusty Hughes, Bojan Aleksic and Briana Tyson, National Recording Artist, Nashville, TN. Glenn has also worked with artists in Nashville, TN and England in the UK. Currently working with Tunedly and their staff of Composers and Artists, Glenn Shayne's First Song "There She Goes" won a local songwriting contest in 1986 in the POP Category, collarborating with Michael Betts. "Your Love Bleeds In Me" and "To Be Your Man" is on WOA records Independent No. 1'S 10th niversary Album. In "Pursuit", Shayne showcases his instrumental songwriting talent. A pulsating beat introduces “Pursuit”, an electric rock song with Latin rhythms and funky synth basslines. The hook comes in strong as the deep pulsing bass sets the tempo. As the song progresses, the rhythm section picks up with the drums beats hitting more fiercely, and a distorted guitar that comes in howling. The catchy hook and smooth piano accentuate the theme.

Moving forward, the instumental song transitions into a more funk rock groove in the bridge then falls back into the hot and heavy rock beat. Glenn Shayne’s arrangement builds with subtle musicianship and the transitions are seamless. The Nashville Artist performance is vibrant, soulful, and powerful; you can feel electric energy.“Pursuit” is dynamic with its deep bass and accented guitar riffs.

"Pursuit the Instrumental" is vivid and can take on many meanings. It feels like a page turner, as if someone is being pursued by another person. The beat begins, and the tempo picks up as if the melody is coming over a horizon creating suspense. It can also be heard as pursuing a dream with it's riviting motion and suspense.

As the bridge comes in, the party has started, and the rhythm section sets in a new funk groove, full of unexpected changes and adaptation. The subtle echoes and electrifying hits on the drum and bass feel like a chase. Finally, the smoke settles, and the guitar is wailing a smokin’ line. Perhaps, the pursuit is over.

Glenn Shayne has an unconventional and well-concieved compositional style that allows you to imagine and feel the power of his music. The arrangement is pristine. With it's funk, Latin, and rock styling, performed by an excellent band of Nashville artists, there is never a dull moment. Glenn Shayne is a dynamic and passionate composer whose "pursuit" of music has yielded an exciting gem.

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