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Tyson Ray Borsboom – 'Can’t Go Home'

Review written by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Album Art by Amy Dalton. Design by Joe Molina

Tyson Ray Borsboom’s “Can’t Go Home” off of his project Will is an up-tempo tune with an engaging arrangement that will have you playing the song on repeat.

"Can't Go Home" opens with light rhythmic strumming on acoustic guitar soon joined by a tasteful and twangy riff. The song is glued together with bouncy bass and tight percussion.

Tyson’s vocals bring everything together with a passionate, gritty timbre that oozes emotion onto the track. His lyrics tell a sweet love story about true connection away from home, and the vocal performance that he delivers it with make it a story that melts your heart.

“Leaving far to travel the world, didn’t know for how long / But I knew when I got back, wanted you in my arms, to have and to hold for so long / I couldn’t look back, couldn’t turn around, to find a way to tell you how I felt

The song continues to progress as more ambient flourishes from bowed strings grace the mix for an arrangement that is moving. Breaking things up, a stellar guitar solo section brings back more of the twangy lead melody we got to hear at the start of the track with some added flair, creating a compelling progression as the song moves forward. The dynamic change bringing us into a softer section following the guitar solo makes for a killer build to the final chorus.

"Can't Go Home" is a touching love song about expressing how you feel without fear. "Oh, I love you to death." It's about being on the road and making sure the one you love knows that they are in your heart while you are away.

Tyson's passion matches his superior artistic talent. He is committed to his craft and it really shows in this flawless track. "Can't Go Home" has everything you could ever want in a song: a phenomenal vocal performance, great musicianship, an engaging arrangement, genuine lyrics, and a hook so strong you'll be singing along. Tyson Ray Borsboom is an artist watch in 2020 and "Can't Go Home" is an Americana hit.

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About Tyson Ray Borsboom

Canadian singer/songwriter Tyson Ray Borsboom creates intricate portraits of love and life in the modern world using little more than his trusted acoustic guitar for accompaniment. His inspired tales of loss and redemption make him a worthy successor to great northern poets like Leonard Cohen and Neil Young, and his charismatic live performances have put him on the brink of national prominence.

After spending several years honing his craft, Tyson teamed up with producer/engineer Kyle Prusky of Apex Audio to release his first EP ‘Sinner’ in 2018. Emphasizing his powerful vocal performances and stark arrangements, the seven track EP was praised by critics as “deep, dynamic, and full of emotion.”

The following year saw him expanding into a full band sound as he recorded a full length album backed by some of the most accomplished players in Canada. 2020 will see the release of his debut, and introduce an international audience to the raw emotion and gritty charisma that has been steadily winning fans since his first performances.


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