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Willamena - "I Know Nothing"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“I Know Nothing” is a soft-rock track with a hint of grunge, adding a classic 90’s sonic aesthetic. There’s an addictive driving force that is properly maintained throughout the song and it’s energetic. This is a fantastic song for anybody who is a fan of Matchbox Twenty and Pearl Jam. Willamena has quite a unique sound, and it’s so refreshing to hear a song that is so exuberant and confident.

Lyrically, Willamena is singing about acceptance and change. There is a sadness present in the lyrics that is bolstered by an additional sense of hope. The sadness comes from accepting the reality of the world, which the lyrics wonderfully put into poetic form.

“I see a girl, no I see a woman, I see a boy, now I see a man, and they’ll keep dreaming of something better, again and again, and again.”

The chorus provides a catchy hook while furthering the deep look that Willamena is taking into the human experience.

“I know nothing ever stays the same, I know nothing ever keeps, from turning into something else.”

The instrumentation features the classic lineup, and every performance shines through. The drums have a great presence. They’re able to take up a lot of space while still leaving plenty of room for the rest of the band. The hi-hats sound so clean and gentle and they add so much to the groove. The guitars are very atmospheric and catchy and the guitar solo in the bridge is very emotional and cathartic. The singer of Willamena’s voice has a nice and growly voice, and he knows exactly how to use it. When he sings the words are easy to understand, which is always a plus for singing along. “I Know Nothing” is a catchy and heartfelt song with meaningful lyrics and inspiring performances.


About Willamena

On July 19th, 2021, Willamena is releasing “Broken Songs” their first full-length music release since their “Lost in the Shadows” album broke out with three nationally charting Triple-A radio singles in 2013. “Broken Songs” is Willamena’s first release since their critically acclaimed 2017 EP “Strong Enough to Last” which earned more charting Triple-A radio success and additional national attention including write-ups in Paste and other national music outlets.

“Broken Songs” is Willamena’s seventh studio album with four full-length albums and three EPs to their credit. Over the last eight years, seven Willamena singles charted nationally (FMQB AAA radio), including breaking the top 90, highlighting Willamena’s award-winning live show and critically acclaimed songs.

“Broken Songs” is a reflection on Willamena’s unique folk/pop/rock brand including new studio material combined with live tracks and some lost Willamena studio tracks too.

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