• Bryon Harris

Wild Rabbit – ‘Unplugged, Organic and Gluten Free’

Wild Rabbit is an Americana duet featuring Marietta Roebuck (vocals) and Bucky Goldberg (vocals, guitar, percussion). The band has received much praise becoming the No.1 Americana band in Houston and No.5 in the US in February this year. The seasoned pair has been writing and recording together for over 10 years now. Their EP ‘Unplugged, Organic and Gluten Free,’ is the first of their projects that takes the band on an intense acoustic journey bringing a fresh, energetic presentation.

The first song off the EP is “Killing Flood in Houston.” The song kicks off with an energetic acoustic guitar progression soon accompanied by a pulsing kick drum. The engaging production is bolstered by the soulful, melodic vocal melodies of Marietta. Captivating listeners, the instrumental arrangement shifts between guitar driven sections, to intense rhythmic sections with stellar percussion arrangements. “Killing Flood in Houston” makes for a high-energy, exciting start to the EP.

Following up next is their song “4 Days Sober.” With verse exchanges between Bucky and Marietta and compelling harmonic sections, this song will engage listeners with its soothing melodies and storytelling. Melodic guitar lines and up-tempo percussion keep the energy high and the track progressing as it builds and transitions through different sections of the story. This track does well to introduce Bucky through somber vocals and relatable lyrics about heartbreak that fans will love.

Next, Wild Rabbit deliver and uniquely enticing track with their song “Lying.” This ballad is sure to be a fan favorite as Marietta sings through lulling vocal melodies backed by an instrumental arrangement that shows just how dynamic Wild Rabbit’s songwriting capabilities are. With a compelling instrumental break with ethereal vibes, “Lying” will grab and hold your attention from beginning to end.

Wild Rabbit closes off with a tear-jerking ballad, “When They Rise,” singing about the inevitable end of humans and how although people we love may pass they stay with us in heart. With beautifully melodic instrumental arrangement Mariette sings with tender vocals, “But they remain in your heart and soul/ Always there to guide you/ They will always be with you/ Always there beside you.” The strong subject matter of the song alongside quality songwriting makes for a musical experience you will not forget creating the perfect end to this project.

Wild Rabbit deliver an authentic, quality musical journey that will entice you from the start of the first song to the final note of the last with their project ‘Unplugged, Organic and Gluten Free.’ Fans can purchase their album via CDBaby. For more information on the Wild Rabbit, make sure to visit their website.

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