• Bryon Harris

Cardboard Rocketship - 'Spirit'

"Spirit" is a timeless song ready to be a classic. The song is about what resonates within and knowing who you are meant to be; it is about sharing your soul with others, and it's incredibly moving.

Delicate banjo strumming on the downbeat introduces the beautiful vocals of Roxanne Quilty. In this song, Roxanne’s voice has a gorgeous Celtic tone. “Sometimes I feel my spirit.” She sings with great expression and nuance showcasing the range of character in her natural voice. Tallie, the band’s cellist, sings a response verse with sytlistc character and beauty as well. As the song progresses through the opening, a deep and resonate cello appears adding a rich bass-line. Soon the band sings in harmony for a rich, full sound. "Spirit" is performed in a round fashion with each band member taking a verse that reflects their “sprit.” This sharing of vocals keeps the song highly engaging.

True to their signature originality, Cardboard Rocketship isn’t happy with standard formats or paint-by-number music; instead, they draw outside the lines and write material that has surprises and complexities. They are very skilled at rhythm and tempo change-ups showcasing their stellar musicianship. Mid-way, the song gets more ”spirited” and the voices start to weave in and out, in counterpoint. The effect is brilliant. Lyrically, “Spirit” has folk-award winner written all over it. “I don’t want to wait for someone to find me.”

Take a moment to check out their live performance of the song at Coney Island Baby NYC:

Hailing from Brooklyn, Cardboard Rocketship is not your ordinary modern folk group – extraordinary is more like it. For more information about Cardboard Rocketship, please visit their website.

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