• Bryon Harris

City Line Kids - 'Locals'

City Line Kids is a light-hearted, Americana-Pop project led by the creative mind of Alex Carle. Alex, a classically trained vocalist and ukulele player began writing the first songs that would introduce the project in 2014. Determined to capture the diversity of the city life he was exposed to growing up in Baltimore, MD, Carle’s music is inspired by a plethora of genres including elements of folk, pop, punk, rock, world, country, and reggae to create a sound unique to The City Line Kids and Baltimore. It did not take long for a community to develop behind the band and Carle was no longer the sole member with an ever-changing number of musicians from a variety of backgrounds. Their ‘Locals’ is an exciting way to introduce yourself to their sound.

The EP begins with the title track, “Locals.” The song kicks off the EP with a strong message about how gentrification of less wealthy neighborhoods leads to a lot of the people that were locals unable to afford where they live anymore. Through acoustic driven instrumentals, Alex reaches out to listeners with his emotive vocals and powerful lyrics. With an engaging instrumental section featuring a variety of unique instruments, “Locals” is a song that is sure to send a message and stick with listeners.

They follow up with the up-beat instrumentals of “Trouser Ghost.” The wavy, legato melodies of the steel guitar pair perfectly with the strumming of the ukulele as the simple percussion drives the bouncy mood of the song. In the catchy chorus he repeats, “Well this is how I feel, totally numb,” with supporting background vocals that make the arrangement come to life. Alex consistently shows his prowess as a lyricist with exciting stories that listeners with love and relate.

Wrapping up, City Line Kids deliver a tear-jerking song of forgiveness as Alex shows he’s a master of melody through his brilliant vocal lines in “Capgras.” As he sings a story of dealing alcoholism and parental abuse during the verses, in the chorus he sings, “I love you so much/I love you so much/I’m scared, and angry, and confused, and upset but I still/Love you so much,” creating a truly touching moment for listeners. Woven with accents of horn sections that add extra flair to the instrumentals, the track will keep you engaged at all moments.

City Line Kids deliver strong messages through well-crafted lyrics, bright, emotive vocal melodies, and enticing instrumental sections. The ‘Locals’ EP is a surefire to have you addicted to the moving project that is City Line Kids. The EP can be heard for free on YouTube and is free for download on SoundCloud. They are offering free, limited-edition CD copies at all of their shows! For more information, visit their website.

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