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Campbell Harrison – ‘Dreamer In A Bottle’

Campbell Harrison is an independent Americana singer/songwriter raised between Atlanta and Athens, GA. Harrison was inspired by the musical melting pot of southern rock, roots, and indie music that he grew up around. In 2015, he released his critically acclaimed EP ‘Behind Glass.’ Afterwards he continued to hone his craft with the guidance of folk -rock legend Caroline Aiken building a strong repertoire of new songs as well as gaining experience touring a solo act and as a band. In 2017, he released a full-length album titled, ‘Dreamer In A Bottle,’ that diverges from the more polished sound of his EP to a more stripped down successor.

The album features a total of 11 songs that showcase Harrison's distinct and dynamic songwriting and vocal capabilities. Off the first song on the album, “Alive,” Harrison draws you in with tantalizing acoustic guitar driven instrumentals featuring grooving bass, melodious keys, and percussion. Entering singing, “Life ain’t all the things I thought it’d be./Flowing backwards from eternity./But my heart is bursting with a melody./So I sing this song and hope you’ll follow me - you’ll follow me,” Harrison makes a strong impression through his expressive vocals that are smooth yet gritty. “Alive” kicks off this project with excitement making you look forward to the next tracks.

Following up with “So Long,” fans will undoubtedly be enticed by the compelling arrangement and infectious vocal melodies. Lulling finger-style acoustic guitar melodies, hand percussion, shakers, and additional ambient production make a warm setting, perfectly complimenting Harrisons vocals. In the hook he sings, “I, I’m strung out on wire,” supported by vocals harmonies creating an impacting moment that you won’t forget and will sing along with every time it comes around. With the addition of soothing instrumental breaks, “So Long” is an unforgettable music experience.

In the next song, “Old Joey,” Harrison shows dynamic writing by switching up the mood with the twangy vibes of this tune. As he sings a story of the war veteran “old man Joey,” through riveting melodies as he changes the timbre of his voice to match the country inspired arrangement. In between verses, killer electric guitar solos keep up the songs high energy filling in the spaces where Harrison isn’t boasting his raw, powerful vocals.

With songs like “Another Road Song,” Harrison shows off his innovative side with uniquely compelling instrumentals accompanied by distinctly smoother vocals showcasing a completely different side of his songwriting capabilities that listeners will love. “Another Road Song,” is a great addition to the album showing off Harrisons versatility as an artist and provides listeners with a diverse set of music.

Another unique track off of the album is “Let It Out,” where Harrison draws from his southern rock roots to create a rocking ballad fueled by crunchy guitar riffs and vocal lines that transition from raspy growls to smooth melodies lines.

Lastly, “Song to Sing” is an up-beat memorable addition to the album that you do not want to miss. The light-hearted lyrics combined with unforgettable melodies with a pop-sensibility make this song a radio-ready jam that everybody will love. With lyrics that send a positive message and a hook that you can easily sing along with, “Song to Sing,” is an amazing addition to the end of the album.

Campbell Harrison’s ‘Dreamer In A Bottle” features various unique songs that draw various elements from countless genres blending them into a sound distinct to Harrison in a project that is easy on the ears. This just gives a taste of what to expect from the killer album which is available via CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon or any other major online retailer. For more information on Campbell Harrison and his music, visit his website.

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