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Bob Crain – ‘Bob Crain Live’

Bob Crain is a folk-rock artist out of Melbourne, Australia. He was born in raised in California in the “high times” of the Sixties. Spending his time as a young adult in Hawaii, Bob took up the lessons of life molded by the people, the times, the events, the waves and the winds of the Pacific. Eventually he island hopped over to Melbourne Austrailia where he has lived since the late 80’s. Influenced by artist such as Neil Young, Jackson Browne, and Bob Dylan, Bob was inspired by the notion that art should deliver a message. His two previous solo CDs (THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT (2009) and HUMANOLOGY 101 (2011)) cracked the radio barriers in North America, Europe and Australia with air play on Community, College, Internet and Folk based stations. His new LIVE CD gives an up-close and personal feel that is sure to provide a memorable experience for listeners.

Bob kicks off the performance with his song “Pacific Nature.” Bob entrances listeners with the relaxing acoustic guitar progression as he paints vivid images through poetic lines about life and nature surrounding the Pacific. His voice is calming with a deep, warm timbre that is easy on the ears. Bob urges listeners with this song to treat the Pacific with care as he personifies it and reveals his deep connection.

In his song “Last Of The Old Folk Rockers,” Bob breaks out his electric guitar befitting the story told by the song. He starts off with long held chords on guitar as he begins telling his story of the folk rocker. Bob’s talent for story telling is undeniable, each line entangling you more in his tale until you are completely absorbed into his music. In the verses he reminisces on the days that folk-rockers ruled the music scene before breaking into the chorus singing, “Like the last of the red hot lovers they displayed their love on stage/The last of the old folk rockers like something from the stoned age.

Picking up the energy, “Profits of War,” is sure to grab the attention of listeners as he sings about the fearmongering and manipulation used when countries are going to war. This song sends a powerful message about the greed of the higher powers. “Profits of War” is definitely going to leave a lasting impression on listeners invoking them to critically think about society and who we put into power.

Follow up with “Texas Textbook Massacre” Bob opens listeners ears to the fallacies of the educational systems, especially in the south. He sings about the misportrayal of our nations acts to make us seem more righteous. The following song, “Retirement Homes For Nuclear Weapons” fits in perfectly after this track as he sings about the governments treatment of military vets as well as a stance on nuclear weapons in our country.

After these heavy tracks, Bob lightens things up with his tune, “Hippie Ghost Dance.” “Hippie Ghost Dance” pays homage to the Native American “Ghost Dance” that was meant to bring back what they had lost and drive away the white man. The positivity of “Hippie Ghost Dance” gives listeners a break from the contemplative vibes of the previous tracks making for a niuce addition to the line up.

In his song ‘The Gold Rush of 2000” Bob talks about his views on the current music industry. Comparing it to a gold rush he sings, “Its just another Gold Rush.../The results will be the same/ A few will of the lucky will get rich/ Other die trying never know their names.” He sheds light on how it is more about knowing the “tricks of the trade” rather than creating something moving and meaningful.

From his project, “Humanology 101,” Bob performs “The Meaning of This Song” as a dedication to the audience and his listeners. The lulling guitar arrangement and unique vocal melodies make this a compelling track that listeners will love. Although Bob writes his music with a certain thought in mind, he knows listeners will interpret and take away their own meaning of his music and all he hopes is that they enjoy the experience.

“Bob Crain Live” is an eye opening, intimate experience filled with thought provoking tunes, each meaningful in their own way. Bob Crain – LIVE, was recorded in front of a live and very attentive and appreciative audience at Kate and Karl’s Folk Barn in Northern California during a very short trip to the US in Oct. 2017. Fans can find the CD exclusively as well as more information on Bob Crain via his website!

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