• Bryon Harris

Eli Gauden - 'Another Day'

In “Another Day” written and performed by Eli Gauden, Eli presents conscientious lyrics that exhibit a bold honesty. Her vocals are at once softhearted and warm, yet understatedly fearless, self-assured under the skin. From the moment Eli sings, the room inside your awe-struck heart makes a space for her tender performance.

“Another Day” is essentially about competing with yourself. “Tell me if it’s true. That some succeed in everything they do. That’s the way it feels. They win the battles bullet proof; the loser is always me.” It is difficult to capture feelings of frustration and desperation is a way that isn’t melodramatic or off-putting; Eli manages these emotions in a beautiful way that is universally relatable and welcoming. This song is about self-acceptance in a world where everyone is proclaiming their brand, whether it is on social media or similar formats; it is never true that people succeed in everything they do, is it? But, it can sure feel that way. And this modern day self-branding can make us feel that we aren’t living up to everyone else. Eli sings about this in a very real way. One of the best lines in the song is, “I'm jealous I'll admit at those who's born with the path laid all out That won't make me quit; the one who's getting stronger is the one who work for it.” Musically the song is made up of gorgeous fingerpicking guitar, long-held cello phrases and orchestrated production. This is a folk ballad with modern sensibilities that fills all the nooks and cranies with musical nuance. In the end, “Another Day” triumphs with hope and strength.

Another Day was recorded at Boren Studio in Bergen. It was produced by Jens Kristian Mørkby . For more information on Eli Gauden, please visit her website.

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