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Scott Zartman - 'The Longer We Wait'

Scott Zartman is a singer-songwriter who uses guitar and synth to create modern-day indie-pop songs. With his guitar in hand and a studio synth at his fingertips, Scott is a one-man band. Scott was drawn to music at an early age; he admired bands like the Beatles and the big stadium rock bands like KISS. Wanting to participate in what he heard, Scott taught himself how to play guitar at age 14. As the years passed, he started writing more and more original songs developing his own voice. Today, Scott enjoys being the man behind the scenes, in his home studio, crafting songs with voice, guitar and synthesized sounds. His latest project is titled Making up for Lost Time. The 15-song album showcases Scott’s prolific songwriting craft which blends pop, rock, spiritual and folk. Off the album is his Scott’s next single “The Longer We Wait.”

A fun rock beat grabs your attention from the start. Fuzzy electric guitar chords play against the beat and a tune you can whistle to is heard on the keys. In “The Longer We Wait”, Scott showcases his ability to write strong melodies and hooks. The verses have a nice scale-wise, melodic flow that stays with you after hearing it just once. The song gradually builds with a pre-chorus that takes you to the highly memorable chorus. Scott thickens the chorus with fills and solos that play off the melody then thins it back down for a nice overall arch. “The Longer We Wait” has a great electronic pop-rock flavor without the sub-bass; Scott uses synth horns to add some mid-range for a unique touch.

Scott sings the first verse about a persistent lover who is pursuing someone who is dodging his advances. “You try to dodge me to no avail, come up with some excuse but always fail.” But before you surmise that this is a song about not letting go, the lyrics fill in a tender story about a love that has developed from a simple friendship to a meaningful kiss and the awkward stage of moving forward. "The Longer We Wait" is about taking a leap of faith and trusting your feelings."Are the words so hard to find that we’d leave it all behind?” Scott does a great job exploring the complexities of love and relationships. There is an authentic honesty that makes a lasting impression. “I’m crazy for you don’t know how I’m gonna’ stop.”

Scott’s straight-forward vocals are entirely relatable; he opts for a pop sound that is never over the top and unfolds with the story. Musically, Scott keeps the song upbeat and light-hearted which works very well. Scott Zatman delivers organic-synth pop-rock with the heart of guitar playing, lyrical folk artist and the soul of a synth studio musician and blends the two styles for a sound that is catchy and genuine.

To tune into Scott's music, please visit his Hear Now site which lists links to Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more.

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